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Common Questions About Synthetic Turf That You Need To Know

Faux grass lawnLiving in an area like Melbourne causes many people to consider doing away with their water-guzzling lawns and switch to synthetic turf. The only downfall to this process is that turf seems like a whole new world to most people. Choosing the right turf and figuring out if it’s right for your home or property can be a bit of a confusing process if you don’t know where to start. We have put together some of the basic information you will need to know to prepare you for the transition to the turf.

What Types Are There?

The main three types of turf out there are Astroturf, Superturf, and FieldTurf. The main difference between these three different types of synthetic turf is how deep the infill is and what the infill is made of. Infill can be made out of rubber or sand, and it softens the surface of the grass to make it feel more like the real ground. There are types of infill that pet owners use because it controls odors, and many landscapers insist that infill is no longer necessary for home applications. It was mainly used for athletic reasons anyway.

What is it Made Out Of?

Many people think of the type of turf that is used for sports fields when they think of faux grass. There are many more kinds than that and the technology for making it has changed a lot. The turf grass blades are now a lot softer due to being made out of recycled plastic and rubber. It is also often coated with silicone to add shine and comfort. The infill, if you choose to install turf with infill, is usually made out of recycled rubber or sand.

luxury-boat-carpetHow Much Does it Cost?

The cost of synthetic turf will depend on the type that you choose and how much you need. The price is measured by square foot just like sod squares would be presented. Most artificial turf will cost somewhere within the range of $5-$20 per square foot. Maintenance costs are low or non-existent since it is such a tough material and it is hard to ruin it.

How Long Does it Last?

When you pay that much per square foot to install your lawn, it is certainly good to know how long that investment will last you. The great thing about most boat carpet is that they will last a long time through rain or shine and whatever Melbourne weather can throw at it. Most types of turf will be guaranteed to last for about 15-25 years before you need to replace it fully.

The evolution of turf has certainly come a long ways due to the increasing need for it to replace lawns and playing fields in areas that are dryer or need to save their maintenance budget. You will have a good range to choose from with a few feature options such as infill, but it is guaranteed to be a weight lifted off your wallet as well as a lasting fixture in your home for years to come.

Common Questions About Synthetic Turf That You Need To Know