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Perth Companies that Specialise in Concrete Wire Sawing

wire sawingConcrete wire saw cutting is a state-of-the-art procedure for slicing through massive concrete structures.  A wire saw entails a steel cable embedded with small diamond beads that are lined up 10 mm to 30 mm apart.  A steady stream of water lubricates the saw and removes the concrete in the form of a slurry.  This allows for rapid and effective elimination of concrete pipes, posts, slabs, and blocks.  At the same time, this process has been perfected to the point of being rather useful for structural modifications.

Although this technology has been around since the 80’s, its origins can be traced back to ancient stone quarries.  Today, more and more construction companies are adopting this method dealing with tough, sturdy structures.

Due to a rapid increase in urban development, the demand is high for companies that offer this service of cutting concrete that is more than 24 inches in thickness.  Typically, concrete wire saw cutting is applied to construction tasks, such as cutting concrete pipes, subway modifications, and foundation adjustments.  Likewise, this process is also utilized in major demolition projects that involve wire saw cutting are removal concrete tanks and bridge piers and dismantling other reinforced concrete edifices.

Perth, which is located in Western Australia, has a fair amount of construction companies that operate concrete wire saws on a broad scale.  Here are just a few who offer this service for purposes of construction and/or demolition.

Maintenance and Construction Services

MACS are probably best known for its performance on the shutdown of the Sunrise Dam back in 2013.  They were tasked with cutting concrete, utilizing wire saws and other equipment.  Their perseverance and ingenuity were garnered by positive feedback from AngloGold Ashanti.  The crews at MACS take tremendous pride in their ability to work around difficult obstacles and hard-to-access areas while staying within a client’s budget.

Quality Concrete

Quality Concrete serves Perth and many other clients in Western Australia.  While they do provide a vast range of construction and demolition services, concrete wire saw cutting is one their specialties. They have applied their techniques to commercial and residential projects along with bridges, freeways, dams, and mines.  Before starting any task, nonetheless, they prefer to approach carefully and evaluate hazards thoroughly. They specialise in concrete cutting perth wide.

Cutwell Concrete Sawing and Drilling

Cutwell has participated in major projects throughout West Australia in the oil and gas industry, as well as gold and iron ore mining.  Additionally, they have worked on construction and modification ventures for the Public Transport Authority in Perth.  Concrete wire sawing is one of their specialties among other related services.


Kwikcut has provided services in the concrete wire saw cutting and scoring for a decade.  They promise to adhere to precise specifications and measurements so that concrete is cut to the perfect shape and size for construction projects on complexes and large buildings.  Moreover, they offer demolition services for sidewalks, stairs, and any other architectural components that require concrete wire saw cutting.  Their team of technicians takes their work a step further by also removing any concrete debris so that a work site is all clear for the next phase of a project.

All of these companies possess the latest equipment that is well maintained.  They are all insured, licensed and bonded and follow all safety codes and regulations established by city ordinances in Perth.

Perth Companies that Specialise in Concrete Wire Sawing