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The Advantages of Invisible Dog Fencing


Looking for fencing ideas to contain your dogs? Do you live in a neighborhood where erecting fences means having to get into detailed talk with neighbors and taking permission? Despite getting permission, when you do finally get a quote for fencing, you can’t believe your ears.

Erecting an actual fence means having to spend a great deal of cash. Besides it may even hamper the way your home looks. The answer to this is an invisible dog fence.

How does an invisible dog fence work?

An indoor transmitter is attached inside the home and a wire runs underground from the house till the boundary of the space you want your dog to stay within. The indoor radio transmitter emits signals, the wiring acts like a transmitter creating a boundary and encloses the area. The dog is fitted with a wireless receiver in the form of a collar. If the pet tries to get near the boundary, a warning signal is emitted. If it gets too near the boundary, it may receive a small electric current, which is actually harmless.

This way your pet is discourages from crossing the boundary. Over a period of time it becomes trained to stay within the boundary. This would work well even if you own more than one dog. You simply have to fit a collar on each of your pets.

The advantages of invisible dog fencing

The following are a few advantages of electric dog fencing. These include

  • One of the biggest advantages of invisible dog fencing is its affordability. Erecting a fence takes time and costs a great deal of money as well. Though some might argue that invisible fencing often turns out to be just a as expensive but it’s nowhere as near to regular fencing.
  • There are many neighborhoods which have very strict codes when it comes to erecting fences. Even if they do allow a fence to be erected it’s usually only certain type of fencing which is allowed.
  • Installing an invisible dog fence is quicker when compared to usual fencing methods. It works well for people who have moved into a new neighborhood and would like their dogs to stay within a certain boundary.
  • An invisible fence wont mess up your view either.
  • Dogs are sometimes smart enough to get out of regular fences. They tend to climb or jump over these fences, especially the larger dogs. However with invisible fencing it becomes easier to train dogs. They learn to stay within a confined space. Often most dog owners eventually do take off the radio transmitter around their dog’s neck.

Despite all these advantages there are certain dogs which don’t respond well to invisible fencing. They may tend to get agitated or show signs of fear. In such a case it would be better to train these dogs using more traditional methods.

Your dog may start to associate shock and pain as a form of punishment. This is actually a personal choice for most dog owners. For more information on installation or to check out some great products visit this link for dog fencing and other related products.

The Advantages of Invisible Dog Fencing